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Environmental Literacy

21st Century Learning - Environmental Literacy

A healthy body and a healthy mind go hand in hand, which connects to our beautiful Vista gardens. Students learn about healthy eating, organic foods, gardening and sustainability. Vista del Valle Elementary has a rich history of diverse educational practices that caters to all styles of learning.  Authentic instruction becomes a focus as reading, mathematics, science, social studies, nutrition, and environmental standards are taught in a hands-on, minds-on approach.  We have partnered with the Claremont Colleges and organizations such as Common Vision to bring the best quality volunteers and educators onto our campus to teach our students about the importance of good stewardship and the outdoors. Providing our students with a live, outdoor learning lab enables them to have a tangible learning experience that we believe they can take with them as they continue on their with education and apply it to tangible parts of their lives.

Beginning in fall 2011 this commitment to outdoor education deepened as Vista partnered with Sustainable Claremont and Cal Poly Pomona to begin developing an environmental curriculum that follows state and educational standards and enables every child to have a garden experience.

Vista del Valle was recognized by the Grades of Green environmental education nonprofit as the 2014 LA County Trash Free Challenge Champion!  Our Vista Green Team created a sustainability program that reduced the waste production of our school by 95%, going from nearly 1,800 bags of trash per year to less than 100 this school year!!!  As a result, our Green Team was honored with a check for $1000 that will be used towards future environmental and sustainability initiatives at our school. At lunchtime, we have a sorting system set up in the snack and lunch area. The sorting system allows us to separate our waste into liquid waste, compostable fruit and veggie scraps, recyclables, landfill waste, and tray stacking. The compostable fruit and veggie waste is placed in our school’s composting center. Only fresh fruit and veggie scraps, like apple cores and banana peels can go into this composter bucket. The school’s composter is really cool because we are able to add leaves to it, turn it, and after about 4 months we will have finished soil we can use in our campus garden/landscape.

 All students are encouraged to be a part of our Vista Green Team - a student group dedicated to helping Vista become the greenest school in California!

Garden & Orchard Program Locker
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