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About VIsta

The wooded, twelve-acre rectangle that includes Wheeler Park and Vista del Valle Elementary School has been a Claremont community neighborhood anchor since 1953. Nestled just one block off Indian Hill Boulevard, Vista del Valle is a school with a clear vision and purpose. Eighteen months of intensive self-examination (ask to see Voices from the Inside) and more than fifty years of pioneering work in early childhood education have forged this vision and mission

School Vision and Mission

At Vista del Valle we inspire a community of leaders and learners to achieve their highest potential in an academically rigorous and joyful learning environment that celebrates our cultural diversity.  


We must work hard to cultivate a sense of community. We are all responsible for all the kids. We are all (teachers, staff, administration, parents, students, extended family, community members) in this together. Developmental Assets research and team training, Community Circles, Special Friends, buddy reading, student-led conferences, Young Authors Conferences, outdoor science school, and Multicultural Day are just a few of the ways we have focused on building relationships. (Our mantra is “Once a Vista kid, always a Vista kid!” )


We must all feel physically, emotionally, and psychologically safe to come to school every day, ready to teach and ready to learn, to do our best, to give it our all, to take learning risks and to dare to question incongruities in our world. Current events focus groups, our links to the city of Claremont's Youth and Family Support Center, Multicultural Day, team teaching, small class sizes in the primary grades, and Community Circles are just a few of the specific activities to build that sense of safety and connectedness.

Joy and Rigor in Learning

All students and teachers work hard, and expect and appreciate high standards of work. Hard work pays off! Learning must be engaging, powerful and involving, and can always be made to be fun and joyful too. Three years of training for all staff with the California Reading and Literature Project prepared us to offer a balanced reading program with on-going assessments to monitor student progress through the year. Many of the RESULTS assessments remain in use today as part of our grade level benchmark multiple assessments.
We also believe and have every expectation that we shall all be successful; each and every person matters; learning occurs in multiple ways; we are a reading, writing, and thinking place; and kids are not afraid to try new things.